Our Story

After the Syrian revolution in 2011, the culture became more marginalized than it was before, Syrian youth were looking for a place in the cultural scene on a large scale. Which led to ask many questions on the cultural level, what do we want as Syrians? How do we preserve our cultural identity? How do we continue to produce our own culture? And the most importantly, how do we draw the future of culture in Syria?

The idea of “Douzan Art and Culture” has arose in 2019 in Turkey, as an initiative to support the cultural activities of Syrian refugees, support the preservation of their identity through arts and help them express freely. It has presented some projects that focused on building the capacity of Syrians in the art fields to support the Syrian cultural identity and also support cultural production.

The idea has evolved to work on the horizons of dialogue and cultural interaction between Syrians in the diaspora, by developing the appropriate spaces for that, which means provide Syrian refugees with opportunities to participate in their society, in order to enhance flexibility and creativity, in parallel with the pursuit of joint work with other cultural institutions. In addition to focusing on unifying the Syrians efforts to revive the Syrian cultural work inside and outside Syria, free creativity, and build a societal culture based on multiplicity and diversity.


Syrians around the globe, brought together by identity, dreamt of free, creative expression and an energetic society that preserves its legacy and produces state-of-the-art cultural output... That’s how the story of Douzan Art and Culture began.


Douzan Art and Culture is a Syrian non-profit organization founded in Turkey and aims to empower a societal culture based on diversity and plurality in Syria through protecting the Syrian cultural identity, providing spaces for cultural dialogue and interaction, and strengthening joint work to build a cultural future of Syria that merges the inherited and the contemporary.